Welcome to the fictitious town of Brynhafod in 1:76 scale.

Brynhafod is a small village somewhere in Wales served by a busy railway and harbour. From Brynhafod station the railway line splits into two, left takes you through a tunnel to Cardiff and beyond and right takes you to the neighbouring village of Llongyfarch. This line again splits into two, a freight line direct to Llwch y Mynydd colliery and another line to Llongyfarch halt and beyond.

The small harbour at Brynhafod has a daily traffic of fishing boats serviced by a dedicated railway line. At Llongyfarch in addition to the coal mine there is a small locomotive depot to house the diesel and steam locomotives and keep them topped up with fuel.

A small factory employs the local inhabitants of Brynhafod making Welsh souvenirs from coal mined at the nearby colliery. The village has a small community served with shops and a cinema, crime is virtually non existent. So please explore Brynhafod and it’s small population, all of whom have Welsh names.

Diesel hydraulic D7098 leaves Brynhafod station as the sun goes down.